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Directed by: Julie Shles
90 Minutes, 2005, Comedy; Drama

Joy Levine lives in an old apartment that, in total contrast to her, is shabby and worn-out on the outside while well-kept and filled with joy on the inside. Her life changes when she signs up as a candidate for a TV show named “Gotta Be Happy”. To her astonishment, she is chosen to throw a surprise party for her parents on the upcoming show, to be aired after Yom Kippur and with forgiveness as its theme. However, there is a price: she has to let the viewers into her private inner world and share with them an event that has haunted her family for the past twenty-two years. The fun and games expected from such a show is jeopardized by a string of events threatening to shatter the already cracked family. Can Joy take the lead and bring her family to happiness?


Director: Julie Shles

Producer: Lama Productions

Producer: Metro Communications
Producers: Amir Harel

Producer: Dudi Zilber

Cast: Sigalit Fuchs

Cast: Tal Friedman

Cast: Dorit Lev-Ari

Cast: Keren Mor

Cast: Alexander Senderovich

Cast: Eliran Caspi

Written by: Omer Tadmor

Distributor: IsraeliFilms