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Jerusalem Frame by Frame

Directed by: Ofra Sarel-Koren
64 Minutes, 2012

While looking for backdrops for the bridal photographs from which he makes a living, Jerusalemite photographer and activist Yoram Amir discovers, to his horror, the powerful and accelerated processes of destruction taking place in Jerusalem, in plain daylight. According to him, historical houses are being demolished, with our without demolition orders, to be replaced by huge modern buildings with no connection to the character of the city. Yoram establishes the “Shame Underground,” and, using his camera as his weapon, he attacks the establishment with a barrage of photographed document-ation and daring acts. From the ruins of the houses and from the garbage dumps, he gathers window frames from the old homes, made by master carpenters, and tries, at a heavy personal price, to establish a real museum to house them. A similar pain catalyzes Prof. Saadia Mendel, one of Israel’s leading architects and the first to deal with preservation, taking part in the preservation of Old Jaffa, Yemin Moshe, and Mishkenot Sha’ananim. The stories of the two men are interwoven to tell a story of a struggle for the architectural heritage and spirit of Jerusalem


Director: Ofra Sarel-Koren

Producer: Sigal Landesberg