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Directed by: Shira Geffen, Etgar Keret
102 Minutes, 2007

The film tells the story of three women living in Tel Aviv. Batia is a young woman who makes a living as a waitress for a wedding catering service. On the day her boyfriend leaves her, she finds a five year-old girl, emerging from the sea. The girl can not speak, and having no other choice, Batia takes her into her life. As time goes by, Batia begins to suspect that there is a mysterious connection between the girl and a repressed, unresolved trauma from her childhood. During Keren’s wedding, she gets locked in the restroom. After Crying long minutes for help, she manages to jump over the stall restrooms door and breaks her leg. The young couple decides to have a honey moon after all, not in Hawaii, but in a small hotel in Tel-Aviv and from that moment on, the relationship between them takes a turn for the worse. Joy is a Philippine caregiver is sent to look after Malka, a tough old woman recovering from heart surgery.


Directors: Shira Geffen, Etgar Keret

Producer: Yael Fogiel

Producer: Laetitia Gonzalez

Producer: Amir Harel

Producer: Ayelet Kait

Cast: Sarah Adler

Cast: Naama Nissim

Cast: Noa Raban

Cast: Ma-nenita De Latorre

Cast: Gera Sandler

Cast: Ilanit Ben- Ya’akov

Cast: Miri Fabian

Cast: Amos Shouv

Cast: Yahly Sobol

Cast: Yitzhak Hizkia

Cast: Etgar Keret

Cast: Liron Weissman

Cast: Rivka Nueman

Cast: Aluma Shalom

Cast: Alon Ben-Dror

Cast: Shosha Goren

Cast: Zaharira Harifai

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Bruria Albeck

Cast: Binos

Cast: Natasha Geffen

Cast: Shira Geffen

Cast: Johnathan Gurfinkel

Cast: Amir Harel

Cast: Tami Harel

Cast: Dror Keren

Cast: Efraim Keret

Cast: Menachem Lang

Cast: Tal Lifshitz

Cast: Efrat Mishori

Cast: Shalom Shmuelov

Cast: Zohar Strauss

Writer : Shira Geffen

Director of Photography : Antoine Heberle

Editor: Sascha Franklin

Editor: Francois Gedigier

Art director: Avi Fahima