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Janem Janem

Directed by: Haim Bouzaglo
100 Minutes, 2005

Aldi, a high-school teacher and a class tutor, 40 years old, is in a midlife crisis. He just returned from a long army reserve service in Jenin and informs the school’s principal that he is not coming back to teach. His midlife crisis is blended with a trauma caused by the loss of his friend, in front of his eyes, killed by a gunshot of a sniper in an observation post. His wife, a psychologist, offers him to get away for a long vacation. Aldi goes for a journey in his own country.


Director: Haim Bouzaglo

Producer: Amir Gedalia

Producer: Nelly Kafsky

Producer: Haim Bouzaglo

Producer: Yoram Millo

Cast: Mili Avital

Cast: Dani Rotenberg

Cast: Galina Aouzerner

Cast: Amos Lavi

Cast: Haim Zenati

Cast: Dor Zvagenbaum

Cast: Michael Coresh

Cast: Jilian Bueik

Cast: Sarit Rozenshtein

Cast: Reymond Amsalem

Writer : Liza Mamo

Writer : Sara Ramano

Writer : Haim Bouzaglo

Editor : Michal Cohen

Music Score : Shoshan

Director of Photography : Yoram Millo

Costume Designer : Rona Doron

Production Designer : Arie Weiss