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James’ Journey to Jersualem

Directed by: Ra’anan Alexandrowicz
91 Minutes, 2003

In the imaginary village of Entshongweni, very far from western civilization, the young James is chosen to undertake a mission – a pilgrimage to Holy Jerusalem. But Israel is no longer the Holy Land that James and his people imagined. At the airport, James is suspected of trying to infiltrate the country in order to work illegally. He is jailed and destined for deportation. Inside the dark cell, as James prays to God to allow him to complete his mission, a miracle occurs. A mysterious stranger posts bail for him. But it soon becomes clear that James’ freedom has come at a price – his savior is a manpower agent, who rescues illegal migrant workers in exchange for employing them in hard labor jobs. From then on, James’ journey to Jerusalem turns into an unpredictable journey through the cruel heart of our economic system. With good teachers, a bit of luck, and some lateral thinking, James learns the tricks of the game and plays it towards an inevitable end.


Director: Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

Producer: Amir Harel

Producer: Gal Kalfus

Cast: Siyabonga Melongisi Shibe

Cast: Salim Dau

Cast: Arieh Elias

Cast: Sandra Schonwald

Cast: Hugh Masebenza

Cast: Florence Bloch

Cast: Ya’akov Ronen Morad

Cast: Yael Levental

Cast: David Nabegamabo

Cast: Pascal I. Newton

Cast: Gregory Tal

Cinematography: Sharon De Mayo

Film Editing: Ron Goldman

Original Music: Ehud Banai

Original Music: Noam Halevi

Original Music: Gil Smetana

Art director: Amir Pick

Writer: Ra'anan Alexandrowicz

Writer: Sami Duenias