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It Kinda Scares Me

Directed by: Tomer Heymann
60 Minutes, 2001

It Kinda Scares Me is a gritty, funny documentary about a drama coach and the delinquent boys he teaches. In their world, bravado is everything and Friday nights are for getting into fights. Tomer Heymann, both filmmaker and drama coach, encourages the boys to create something from their pain and marginalization, while they struggle in rehearsals not to sacrifice their much-prized Israeli machismo. When Tomer announces to the group that he is gay, they are shocked, but his commitment to their play wins the day as they prepare for a performance that will give voice to the lives of disaffected Israeli youth.


Director: Tomer Heymann

Producer: Tomer Heymann

Producer: Hagai Levy

Cast: Idan Alterman

Cast: Aviv Geffen

Writer: Tomer Heymann

Editor: Ido Mochrik

Cinematographer: Oren Yakobovich

Original music: Berry Sakharof