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In The Ninth Month

Directed by: Ali Nassar
108 Minutes, 2002

Ahmad in his early thirties lives with his mother and his younger brothers in an Arab village in the north of Israel. Khalil, Ahmad’s older brother was forced to seek refuge in Lebanon a month after his marriage to Samira. For 10 long years Samira loyal to their love waits. Risking his life, Khalil takes a chance illegally infiltrating back to his homeland. With Ahmad’s help, Khalil secretly meets with Samira. Meanwhile Ahmad’s mysterious behavior as he tries to hide Khalil arouses the villagers suspicions that he may be involved in the disappearance of a child. It is not long before Khalil’s secret is revealed and he has to run again for his life.


Director: Ali Nassar

Cast: Raida Adon

Cast: Ashraf Barhoum

Cast: Nesryne Paur

Cast: Salwa Nakkara-Haddad

Cast: Ednan Trabsha

Cast: Mahmud Abu Jazzi

Cast: Juliano Mer

Writer: Ali Nassar

Music Score: Bashara Alhil

Line Producer : Daniel Ben-Menachem

Editor : Tova Asher

Production Designer : Yoram Shayer

Costume Designer : Efrat Meirav

Gaffer: Adi Burkin