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In the Freiman’s Kitchen

Directed by: Hadar Bashan
56 Minutes, 2007

Gush Katif, 2005. The Freiman couple, Yaakov (78) and Miriam (68), follow the meticulous routine that is natural for their age. A crisis on a national scale threatens their entire system of personal loyalties – their life as a couple, their religious convictions, and value system. They suddenly face an ordeal, the likes of which they have never experienced before! To deal with this crisis they entrench themselves in their kitchen and focus on their daily routine.

After the first cup of coffee in the morning, they read Psalms together. Everything happens in the kitchen: telephone calls, cooking, and guests. Under normal circumstances, the atmosphere in the kitchen would be warm, calm, secure, and filled with laughter. But the storm raging in the outside world begins to penetrate and bursts through the Freiman’s defenses. The settlement’s public address system broadcasts a message. Miriam carefully opens a window and hears: “Emergency meeting for all the members.” She hurriedly closes the window to avoid the danger. As the days pass, trial, tribulation, and doubt enter their “fortress.” Their love for each other and belief in God are put to the test. This intimate and emotional film provides a glimpse into an aging couple’s relationship and beliefs during a critical time.


Director: Hadar Bashan

Producer: Nachum Landau

Cinematographer: Lior Cohen

Editor: Kobi Plomnick

Original music: Amit Hai-Cohen