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I Saw Giraffes in India

Directed by: Noam Pinchas
75 Minutes, 2010

The “Girafot” (Giraffes), a wild Israeli Folk-Rock band, go on a magical musical tour across India with a climax concert planned in Goa, the capital of the Israeli travelers. However, the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, one week prior to the band’s tour, take the journey off-track and send the band on a search for the thousands of Israeli backpackers who fled Goa in fear of another attack. I Saw Giraffes in India is a musical portrait of the band and their charismatic lead singer, Gilad Kahana, a rock star, poet and compulsive workaholic, who persistently attempts to change the Karma of the tour.


Director: Noam Pinchas

Producer: Ronen Michaeli