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I’m a Sabra

Directed by: Yair Lev
45 Minutes, 2008

The second of two chronological episodes dealing with the formation and evolution of Israeli identity as it is reflected in art: from “sabra” art – rich in audacity and poor in material – through the multi-cultural revolution, and up to the generation of globalization, where Place is absent. Israeli art, caught between the local and the universal.

Among the artists in this chapter are: Asad Azi, Avi Ganor, Avishai Ayal, Aviva Uri, Buki Schwartz, Danny Zakheim, David Adika, David Reeb, David Wakstein, Diti Almog, Eli Petel, Eliahu Gat, Henry Schlezniak, Ido Bar El, Joshua Neustein, Meir Gal, Menashe Kadishman, Micha Kirshner, Michael Druks, Rachel Shavit, Raffi Lavie, Said Abu Shakra, Uri Lifschitz, Yehiel Shemi.


Director: Yair Lev