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Hula and Natan

55 Minutes, 2010

The comic-tragic story of the brothers Hula and Natan, two car mechanics from the outskirts of Sderot, a city in the south of Israel constantly bombed by rockets from Gaza. The two live in a caravan in the weedy yard that serves as their garage, surrounded by old jalopies and clunkers. While the situation between Israel and Gaza deteriorates, Hula and Natan’s garage, their only source of income, is about to be closed down by the authorities. With a lot of grotesque humor, and under the continuing threat to their lives and work, the two try to survive, but sink deeper and deeper into the depths of fatalistic frustration.


Producer: Arik Bernstein

Producer: Robby Elmaliah

Writer: Robby Elmaliah

Cinematographer: Ronen Kruk

Cinematographer: Robby Elmaliah

Editor: Tal Yaari

Editor: Ofir Raul Graizer

Original music: Avi Vaknin