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On Hold

Directed by: Rokaya Sabbah
52 Minutes, 2007, Documentary

The decision to stay or to go reveals the deep contradictions of Arab life in Israel. “On Hold” explores the hesitations and moral issues affecting the filmmaker and her partner’s decision to leave Israel for a better life in Spain. Enlisting the help of her Muslim family, her partner’s Christian family, and their Arab and Jewish friends, the couple sorts through difficult questions pertaining to Arab life in Israel. Weighing their desire to relocate to a more tolerant country against their perceived burden of responsibility to stay and fight for a better life in Israel, the couple feels itself caught in a common dilemma of mixed allegiances and hybrid identities.


Director: Rokaya Sabbah

Producer: Nizar Younes

Written by: Rokaya Sabbah

Distributor: Ruth Diskin Films


*Voices Forward International Film Festival

*Jerusalem International Film Festival

*Rehovot International Women Film Festival