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Hide and Seek

Directed by: Dan Wolman
90 Minutes, 1980

Engaging and controversial in its own way, this personal look at a little boy’s life and times undoubtedly relies on director Dan Wolman’s own experiences. The setting is just before Israel gained independence and 12-year-old Uri is not doing well in school. His parents have left him with Grandpa because they are busy in politics. Picking up on this cue, Uri plays games in which he fights Arabs and Brits without really understanding the reasons why they are “enemies.” After Grandpa hires a young tutor to help Uri do better in school, the little boy eventually comes to really care for the man. Then disaster strikes — Uri finds out some of his tutor’s friends are Arabs, and he is sent into a tailspin.


Director: Dan Wolman

Producer: Jeffrey Justin

Producer: Dan Wolman

Cast: Doron Tavori

Writer: Dan Wolman

Writer: Avi Cohen

Editor: Shoshana Wolman

Music: Amnon Wolf

Cinematographer: Ilan Rosenberg