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On the Move

Directed by: Avisa Livny
75 Minutes, 2008

Ehud Banai tells his amazing story from the beginning. The offspring of the famous arts and music family was’tn a such a big success story at first. He was 32, looking for a path of life, working as a gardener, mail-man, playing his guitar on the streets of London. The movie tells his story, and all about his first band, “The Refugees”, and especially about Yossi Elephant, one of the most aspiring musicians that ever lived in Israel. The story of their friendship, their finest songs – starts with confessions from Banai, and continues with testimonies of Yuval Banai, Berry Sakharof, Hillel Mitelpunkt, and Yoav Kutner, The Radio anchor that played his songs for the first time on national radio.