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Handa Handa 4

Directed by: David Ofek, Neta Shoshani
58 Minutes, 2013

Ronen and Orit have been together for almost three years. Both of them come from highly respected Bukhari families. Ronen is the star of Handa Handa theater troupe, a hit among the Bukhari community in Israel and around the world. According to the strict Bukhari tradition couples must marry after a brief acquaintance. But Ronen and Orit rebel against their families and refuse to get married. Even making every effort to protect Orit’s “honor” is not enough for her parents, who demand they either marry or break up. Their love is trapped between tradition and modernity.


Directors: David Ofek, Neta Shoshani

Producer: Lee Yardeny

Producer: Aviram Buhris

Original music: Ami Ophir

Cinematographer: Itai Raziel

Editor: Oded Tabak