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Halfon Hill Doesn’t Answer

Directed by: Assi Dayan
92 Minutes, 1976, Comedy; War

In this satirical cult-classic, a Reserves unit in the Israel-controlled Sinai is less than five miles from the Egyptian front lines. However, the Israelis are hardly concerned with the Egyptians, as half of the Reserve-niks are just happy to get away from their homes and essentially go camping in uniform, while the other half goes crazy in hilarious fashion. When one of the Israelis mistakenly wanders across the lines and is captured by an Egyptian patrol, a madcap rescue mission is hatched. Add to that some oil prospecting, a stowaway girlfriend, and an officer in need of some female attention, and all the ingredients for an enjoyable romp are there. Can Reserves duty in Israel (or anywhere) really be this fun?


Director: Assi Dayan

Producer: Naftali Alter

Producer: Assi Dayan

Cast: Yisrael Poliakov

Cast: Gavri Banai

Cast: Shaike Levi

Cast: Menahem Zilberman

Cast: Nitza Shaul

Cast: Tuvia Tzafir

Cast: Oshik Levi

Written By: Naftali Alter

Written By: Assi Dayan

Distributor: United King Films