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She’s Coming Home

Directed by: Maya Dreifuss
85 Minutes, 2013

At the end of a lengthy relationship, Michal, 33, returns to her parents’ small, cramped apartment in Herzliya, a sleepy, bourgeois suburb. Michal is a young, promising director, who should be devoting her time to writing a screenplay, but instead shuts herself up in her room, frustrated, and spends most of her time sleeping. Things change when Michal meets Zeev – the principal of the local high school, a 50 year old married man, and falls in love. The forbidden passion and stormy emotions that develop between Michal and Zeev reminiscent of first love. Unaware, Michal becomes a teenager all over again. But this time, contrary to her earlier adolescence, Michal rebels. The apartment, too small to contain two parents and a 30 year old teenager, is transformed into a pressure cooker teeming with conflict. Can Michal commit, give her all and fulfill her love and passion? Or is she too attached to the fantasy youth that she has created to break away? Perhaps she is just too busy rebelling?


Director: Maya Dreifuss

Producer: Ayelet Kait

Producer: Amir Harel

Cast: Alon Aboutboul

Cast: Eli Cohen

Cast: Liora Rivlin

Cast: Tali Sharon

Cinematographer: Shai Peleg

Editor: Ronit Porat

Casting: Yael Aviv

Costume: Natali Sarig

Sound: Erez Eini-Shavit

Sound: Itai Elohev