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Directed by: Kobi Machat
80 Minutes, 2015, Children's

A variety of peculiar characters, puppets and humans, share a building in a small town: Pertchik who is the building’s super and our storyteller, Giovanni the hairdresser, Yardus his assistant, Shlihta the dog and a mysterious tenant who no one has ever seen. The dream of the town is to become a city. Actually this could happen soon as the town finally has 10,000 residents.


A new family arrives including a daughter, Billi, a mischievous little girl who enjoys exploring all the magical corners of the building and particularly the guava tree that has a hammock and a tree house.


The whimp of a mayor of the town lives next door. He has a personal assistant called Contesa who was the first person to be born in the town and feels that the new city should be named after her: Contessa City or Contessaville – the options are endless. Contessa decides that the guava tree is misbehaving and must be uprooted.

In the course of the film Billi fights for the tree and leads the tenants of the building and the whole city council in a social protest.


Contessa is furious. First she sends a worker with a chainsaw. Then she has a motion passed to build a road through the area. Finally she tries to build an amusement park with a huge statue of a bagel with sesame seeds on the property.


Billi builds a true friendship with a boy called Assaf who is the mayor’s nephew. She comes to understand that in order to save the tree a true battle is needed.


Director: Kobi Machat

Cast: Kobi Machat

Cast: Naya Federman

Cast: Yuval Shem Tov

Cast: Meir Suissa

Cast: Haim Osdon

Cast: Yehoram Gaon

Cast: Hila Eran

Cast: Ron Kaufman

Cast: Eden Harel

Cast: Oded Menashe

Distributor: United King