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Grandpa Leon Has Gone, And No One Knows Where

Directed by: Avi Kanner
52 Minutes, 2010

Reuven Levav is an Israeli painter who lives in Holland. In his imagination he creates a magnificent world in which he lives, parallel to the real world we all know. Alongside yearnings for the innocent early days of Israel, Levav’s work is paved with a critical view of Israeli society for the lack of acceptance shown towards him. This is a story of the very beginning of Israel. About a boy from the collective farm of Alony-Aba and an undershirt that arrived one night from Romania. The undershirt taught the boy how to visit the esoteric world and bring new life and power to the collective. Life and power beyond the dream of settlement on soil. It told of something beyond time. Today this boy lives in Holland. The documentary combines 5 animations created by Reuven Levav, which are visions of his imaginary journeys. In this film we have the unique opportunity to see the way he paints, dances, writes and lives….


Director: Avi Kanner

Producer: Avi Kanner