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Directed by: Natasha Dudinski
60 Minutes, 2013

Gisi Fleischmann believed she could stop the Holocaust if only she succeeded to raise enough money. She led a resistance group in Slovakia which tried to stop the deportations of Jews from Slovakia and later from all over Europe by bribing Nazi officials. Recently, the Slovak National Theater staged a play about her. The film follows the theater ensemble during the creative process of putting on the play, interweaving it with Gisi’s letters, insights of historians and memories of her relatives. Through the dialogue between film and theater, past and present, facts and imagination, “Gisi” tells the tragic, yet inspiring story of a woman who helped to save thousands but couldn’t save herself. 


Director: Natasha Dudinski

Producer: Natasha Dudinski

Producer: Allan Miller

Cinematographer: Brano Pažitka

Cinematographer: Natasha Dudinski

Cinematographer: Vierka Bacíková

Editor: Kristýna Toupalová

Original music: Petr Kofron