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Gefilte Fish

Directed by: Shelly Kling
10 Minutes, 2008, Comedy

Gali’s family has a long-lasting tradition whereby every woman who is engaged to be married has to prepare Gefilte Fish for the wedding party. Gali, who is engaged to Yaron, has received a to-be-cooked living carp from her mother and grandmother. She is torn between the pity she feels towards the fish and the need to abide by her family tradition.


Director: Shelly Kling

Producer: Lilach Gavish

Cast: Orit Gal

Cast: Ishai Golan

Cast: Estie Kosowitzky

Cast: Garmein Unikowsky

Cast: Alex Ansky

Writer: Shelly Kling

Cinematographer: Merav Lewin

Editor: Rony Gammer

Original music: Gershon Weiserfirrer