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Directed by: Ruthie Shatz Adi Barash
84 Minutes, 2004

Garden takes us through a journey of survival and close friendship between Nino and Dudu on the streets of Tel-Aviv. As they try to keep sane, we watch them develop insight into their situation. They try to accept who they are while trying to improve their lot in life, all the while fighting the police, getting beaten, being thrown to jail, dealing with the clients and trying to maneuver the Israeli “system”. The two share a remarkable story of friendship that exposes not only a harsh reality of teen-aged prostitution but also illuminates the complexity of being a Palestinian, an Arab-Israeli and an immigrant in Israel. They are always on the run…


Director: Ruthie Shatz Adi Barash

Producer: Ruthie Shatz Adi Barash

Editor: Janus Billeskov Jansen