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For Better, For Worse

Directed by: Tal Greenberg
19 Minutes, 2014

Three couples in different phases of their lives find themselves in the hospital on the same day, each for their own reasons. Miriam, a renown theater actress with a terminal illness, asks her husband Yaakov to help her end her life as elegantly as she lived it. Frightened and pained, Yaakov is forced to choose between his will and that of his wife. Tamar suffers from narcolepsy. Her hospital visit raises fears and doubts, but not for the reasons she expected. Zachi is plastered from head to toe, completely dependent on his tough-minded wife. When an itch beneath Tzachi’s cast becomes insufferable, their love is put to the test. The film examines the boundary between love and dependence, between habit and choice, and asks – in relationships, where is true love found?


Director: Tal Greenberg

Writer: Tal Greenberg

Writer: Michal Levi