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Five Five

Directed by: Shmuel Imberman
83 Minutes, 1980

In this musical, a group of soldiers is sent on vacation at a moshav. As they arrive at the mohsav the soldiers are recruited for difficult physical tasks, but not for long; they are each about to teach the  moshav folks a lesson not to be forgotten – a visit to the military base, where they put the “moshavniks” through express boot camp. 


Director: Shmuel Imberman

Producer: Yair Pradelsky

Producer: Yisrael Ringel

Cast: Gilat Ankori

Cast: Ya’ackov Bodo

Cinematographer: Nissim 'Nitcho' Leon

Editor: Tova Neeman

Editor: Benny Nagari

Original music: Benny Nagari