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Directed by: Gili Meisler
82 Minutes, 2009

The film “Fireflies” (Gachliliyot) is the story of Gili, a 12 year old boy, a 24 year old young man and a 44 year old adult, who ventures out in search of his brother, Giora, who remained forever 19 after dissapearing in the Yom Kippur War. This is a personal, genuine, moving and devastating documentation about mental crisis and bereavement, drugs and hallucinations, a falling star and fireflies, that combines reality and imagination, love and hope, in Jerusalem, the Sinai, Nepal and everywhere in between.


Director: Gili Meisler

Producer: Iris Meisler

Producer: Gili Meisler

Cast: Roey Roth

Cast: Idan Glik Zelig

Writer: Gili Meisler

Cinematographer: Roey Roth

Cinematographer: Idan Glik Zelig