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Filmed by Yitzhak

Directed by: Limor Pinhasov
50 Minutes, 2009

This film is a documentary based on the large amount of footage filmed by prime minister Yitzhak Rabin during 1963-1973. It begins with steady shots of Paris – from beautiful landscapes to repeated images of homeless people sleeping on the streets – and eventually shows his filming of touristic London and Florence, various rural scenes in Asia and Africa, and a series of city scenes in Iran. A long section devoted to his time as ambassador to the United States – during which he filmed not only New York, Washington and San Francisco but also a football game, as well as American television – suggests both the growth of Israel’s relationship with its mega-ally and the large developmental difference between the two countries. 


Director: Limor Pinhasov

Producer: Yaron Kaftori

Music: Ophir Leibovitch