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Film Fanatic

Directed by: Shlomo Hazan
55 Minutes, 2006

Film Fanatic documents the struggle of Yehuda Grovais, an Israel ultra-Orthodox Jew who acts contrary to his faith to create feature films.  Moreover, his films are geared towards his own community, the ultra-Orthodox, who aren’t supposed to watch movies just as he isn’t permitted to create them.  The ultra-Orthodox community can only provide amateur actors, funding is terribly limited, filming must pause for all daily prayers, and women cannot appear in any scene.


Director: Shlomo Hazan

Producer: Shlomo Hazan

Writer: Shlomo Hazan

Original music: Shlomo Hazan

Original music: Daniel Bensemian

Cinematographer: Shlomo Hazan

Editor: Shlomo Hazan