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Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Directed by: Tamar Barkaei
45 Minutes, 2008

The episode discusses the definition of success in the world of art. On what does success depend – on aesthetics, or cash? On the verdict of the critics, or popularity among the general public? In today’s world, larger and more commercial than ever, everyone has a different answer and the question of success becomes more and more complex.

Artists in the chapter (in alphabetical order): Adina Bar On, Avigdor Arikha, Bianca Eshel-Gershuni, Boaz Arad, Chana Orloff, David Gerstein, David Hendler, Dov Feigin, Eliezer Sonnenschien, Gabriel Cohen, Isaac Frenkel, Leon Engelsberg, Michal Rovner, Mordecai Ardon, Moshe Elnatan, Moshe Mokadi, Osias Hofstatter, Rita Alima, Rudy Lehmann, Shalom of Safed, Tamar Raban, Yehoshua Grossbard, Zadok Ben David, Zvi Goldstein.