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Father’s Footsteps

Directed by: Marko Carmel, Marco Carmel
95 Minutes, 2007

Belleville, the 70’s. Just arrived on shore from Israel with his wife Mireille and both his kids,Felix dreams of success. By selling the past to build some future, this secondhand goodsdealer with a big heart and a passion for horse races enables his family to settle in, little by little . His meeting Serge, a local mafia boss who shares the same roots as Felix, will be a turning point in his life. The choices that he makes will shatter his son’s childhood. Michel, who’s just 11 years old and who always thought his dad was a hero will grow up fast, too fast…


Directors: Marko Carmel, Marco Carmel

Producer: Florence Laneurie

Producer: David Mandil

Producer: Marko Carmel

Cast: Jules Angelo Bigarnet

Cast: Richard Berry

Cast: Gad Elmaleh

Cast: Corentin Daumas

Cast: Lucia Bensasson

Cast: Yael Abecassis

Director of Photography: Giora Bejach

Casting Director: Steohanie Davidian

Costume Designer : Caroline De Vivasie

Production Designer : Emmanuelle Duplay