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Directed by: Dan Geva, Noit Geva
54 Minutes, 2003

At the age of eight she was already dancing at Moscow’s Bolsoi theatre. Since then she has performed on the world’s most prestigious stages.

In the course of a career spanning over half a century, Deborah Bertonoff achieved world fame not only as a dancer with unique style and personal statement, but also as an author and researcher of dance.

For her life’s work she won the prestigious Israel Prize. Today, aged 86, in the small room where her only son committed suicide just a meter away from her and her late husband, she deals for the first time in fourteen years with the stacks of paper, photographs and other paraphernalia that clutter the room. Another life cycle that must reach closure before her last performance.

A summation? A farewell? Not at all. Just the desire not to be pathetic. Just not to fall.


Directors: Dan Geva, Noit Geva