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Eyewitness: David Rubinger

Directed by: Micha Shagrir
50 Minutes, 1998

Israel Prize laureate David Rubinger has been photographing important dramatic events and personalities in Israel’s history since 1947. For the first time ever, we return together with the photographer to some of the people and places that he immortalized through his camera lens. Who can forget the memorable photo of the three soldiers standing in awe at the Western Wall on June 7, 1967. Did you ever wonder what became of them? Or that pretty female soldier tending to a wounded comrade at the height of the Yom Kippur War. Come along with the photographer on this unique journey, a trip which spans more than fifty years of dedicated professionalism and talent, propelled by the great affection he possesses for the country and its people.


Director: Micha Shagrir