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Directed by: Otto Preminger
208 Minutes, 1960

Based on the 1958 novel written by Leon Uris, Exodus has been characterized as a “Zionist epic.” The film tells the story of the founding of the state of Israel. The action begins on a ship filled with Jewish immigrants bound for Israel who are being blocked from entering Israel from Cyprus by the British, leading to negotiations. The second part of the film is about the situation in Israel and independence is declared and most of their neighbors attack them.


Director: Otto Preminger

Producer: Otto Preminger

Cast: Paul Newman

Cast: Eva Marie Saint

Cast: Ralph Richardson

Cast: Peter Lawford

Cast: Sal Mineo

Cast: Jill Haworth

Cast: Lee J. Cobb

Cast: John Derek

Writer: Dalton Trumbo

Original music: Ernest Gold

Cinematographer: Sam Leavitt

Editor: Louis R. Loeffler