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Etched in My Body

Directed by: Nili Tal
73 Minutes, 2015

Shuly Barzilay’s story is incredible. Captivated by the charm of the charismatic Goel Ratzon, she became his right-hand woman, financially supporting him and fulfilling his every whim. She even convinced her three daughters to become his wives. The first to agree was Sheri, who was only 18, while Ratzon was 50. Then came Ilanit, a 22-year-old divorcee with a child. The last to agree was Galit, aged 14. Although she was still a minor, she agreed, she said, because “it was decreed.” This isn’t a film about Goel Ratzon’s cult. It is the story of three beautiful, talented women. Now, five years after leaving Ratzon, and after he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, they still struggle to understand why they stayed with him, together with 14 other women and 42 children. But they have no answer.


Director: Nili Tal