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Directed by: Amos Gitai, Ruben Kornfeld
97 Minutes, 1986

Ahasverus, king of Persia and Media, puts aside Vashti and makes Esther his queen, choosing her among maidens in a kingdom stretching from India to Ethiopia. Esther, using information from Mordecai, her uncle and patron, saves the king from assassination. Haman, the king’s favorite, is miffed when Mordecai won’t bow to him, so he orders death to all Jews in the kingdom, under the seal of the king. Esther pleads for her people, and Mordecai is in turn given license to make his own edict under the king’s seal. Mordecai loses sight of his original intention, and bloody murder ensues. Purim annually celebrates the story. At the end of the film, the actors comment.


Directors: Amos Gitai, Ruben Kornfeld

Cast: Simone Benyamini

Cast: Mohammad Bakri

Cast: Juliano Mer

Cast: Zare Vartanian

Cast: David Cohen

Cast: Shmuel Wolf

Cast: Sara Cohen

Cast: Rim Bani

Writer: Stephanie Levine

Cinematographer: Henri Alekan

Editor: Sheherazade Saadi