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Electric Mind

Directed by: Nadav Harel
60 Minutes, 2010

Do we exist beyond the electric interactions of brain tissues? Our love, body movement, memory, depression, or religious beliefs – all are expressed electrically in our brain. This film follows people suffering from brain disorders, who are undergoing groundbreaking medical treatments involving the electric stimulation of the brain. The prospect of manipulating our minds with machines has for decades been considered science fiction, but the accelerating advancements of brain sciences today are materializing into a genuine cure for the millions of people suffering from brain disorders. “The Electric Mind” raises significant questions about man machines interfacing, ethics and technology, our body, and the mystery of our mind.


Director: Nadav Harel

Producer: Nadav Harel

Cinematographer: Nadav Harel

Editor: Enat Sidi & Nadav harel

Original music: Ariel Levinsohn