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Dunkel’s Last Film

Directed by: Talia Ohaion
51 Minutes, 2006

The film uncovers a fascinating story of Fred Dunkel, a German Christian, photographer, producer and businessman, who was married to a Jewish woman and was forced to leave Nazi Germany in the 1930’s for Palestine (today’s Israel), along with his wife and daughter. Dunkel, who was a member of the Nazi party, was declared deserter by the German authorities. In Israel, he became a photographer and director, recruited for Zionist propaganda. He also provided shooting and editing services for different institutions and private parties, British and Jewish alike.

In his work, Fred Dunkel documents the development of the settlement period in Israel, from the 1930’s to the establishment of the state of Israel. After the death of his first wife, he married Martha, a Czech immigrant and Holocaust survivor, who had come to Israel at the outbreak of the Second World War.


Director: Talia Ohaion

Producer: Noga Tikshoret

Writer: Talia Ohaion