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The Dreamers

Directed by: Efrat Shalom Danon
58 Minutes, 2011, Documentary

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish teacher Ruchama and wigmaker Tikva embark on a journey to fulfill their dream of making movies within the closed society in which they live. Ruchama is writing and producing her first film while Tikva prepares for her first acting role. Like other orthodox women who in recent years have started making films for strictly female audiences, they feel a strong need to express themselves despite strict rabbinical censorship. Will they find freedom in their art? The Dreamers delicately sketches the portrait of women trying to break new ground as artists in a patriarchal world.


Director: Efrat Shalom Danon

Producer: Yifat Prestelnik Films

Cast: Ruchama Mandliel

Cast: Tikva Stolov

Cast: Marlin Venig

Written by: Efrat Shalom Danon

Written by: Gili A. Danon

Distributor: Go2Films Distributions and Marketing