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Directed by: Eliran Elya
88 Minutes, 2017, Drama

Assi, a screenwriter and poet, is stuck in his personal life. He is full of doubt, disturbing thoughts, and existential restlessness. He is sentenced to community service due to a drunken-driving motorcycle accident in which he was involved. For his community service, he is sent to work with juvenile delinquents in Beersheba – the desert city in southern Israel – who are under house arrest and must attend sessions with Assi in the neighborhood shelter as a condition for their parole. Their extreme personalities, their riotous energy, and their charm awaken in him curiosity and attraction; together, they break through the boundaries of the rehabilitative framework.


Director: Eliran Elya

Producer: Oren Rogovin

Writer: Eliran Elya

Cinematographer: Shai Goldman

Editor: Arik Lahav-Leibovitch

Cast: Ran Danker

Cast: Adar Hazazi Gersch