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On the Fringe

Directed by: Zeev Revah
84 Minutes, 1987

Bouba may have been a war hero, but the war traumatized him too much for him to endure human company. Now he is a silent hermit living in the deserts of southern Israel in an abandoned bus and an old gas station. One day, his solitude is broken when his brother joins him there to hide from his employers, mobsters for whom he has been an enforcer. On the same day, a girl who was on her way to a dance competition is stranded there and takes refuge with him as well. Events soon come to a head, and Bouba must prove that he cares about living, and he once again discovers that he has the heart of a hero. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide


Director: Zeev Revah

Producer: Jacob Kotzky

Cast: Hani Nahmias

Cast: Eli Danker

Cast: Zeev Revah

Editor: Zion Avrahamian

Cinematographer: Ilan Rosenberg

Writer: Jacob Kotzky

Writer (Story): Hillel Mittelpunkt

Composer: Dov Seltzer