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Do not Call Me Cute

Directed by: Julie Shles
36 Minutes, 2016

He calls himself TRA. He is a 13 year-old boy. He was always a little different. Tried to tame him, they hit him quite a bit. “I was a fat kid who loved to daydream and draw fairies and not play soccer and children playing did not want to play with me, they abuse me, and then became monsters”. Out of the pain he discovered the power of art and has not stopped painting monsters, then other images. At the age of 10 created, an act of defiance against the world pushes us all to perfection, the character iconic “Botox” and became part of the artistic community that chose the street as a space to create. Armed inner belief that the art can save the world as she saved him from himself, he finds hope and the power it holds.


Director: Julie Shles