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Dear Mr. Waldman

Directed by: Hanan Peled
90 Minutes, 2005

In the early sixties, Hilik, a ten year old boy who lives in Tel Aviv, knows he and his brother have a goal in life: to make his parents happy and compensate for the grief and loss they suffered during the Holocaust. Moishe, Hilik’s father, chooses to believe that his lost son, from his first marriage, didn’t die in Auschwitz, and somehow escaped to America to become President Kennedy’s assistant. As he has never really accepted being the only survivor from his family, Moishe sinks back into his past. Torn between fear that his father will abandon him, and a wish to make him happy, Hilik chooses to test his father’s love, while accepting the risk of losing him.


Director: Hanan Peled

Producer: Yoav Helevy

Producer: Hanan Peled

Cast: Rami Heuberger

Cast: Jenya Dodina

Cast: Ido Port

Cast: Roy Mayer

Music: Yoni Bloch

Cinematographer: Valentin Belonogov

Editor: Isaac Sehayek

Editor: Shimon Spektor