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Deadly Honour

Directed by: Lipika Pelham
58 Minutes, 2009

Narrated by a 15-year old girl, Salma, based on a real life survivor of honour killing, ‘Deadly Honour’ documents multiple murders and attempted murders of young women in the Israeli city of Ramle. Juarish is a closed neighborhood in Ramle where young girls grow up in fear anticipating their turn to face the killers. This fear is sealed with a code of silence – no one talks about the murders, no one goes to court. But the status quo changed one day when the body of a murdered woman was found in a disused well in the forest.


Director: Lipika Pelham

Producer: Lipika Pelham

Writer: Lipika Pelham

Original music: Radia Bansarsa

Original music: Sam Mills

Cinematographer: Mohammed Jaridi

Editor: Natasha Dudinski