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Dead End Street

Directed by: Yaki Yosha
86 Minutes, 1982

Based on a true story. Alice, a young street walker, receives an opportunity of a lifetime when a television crew casts her to star in a documentary about prostitution in Tel-Aviv. Alice, a 17 year old girl from the gutters of the city, is exposed for the first time to the glitzy world of make believe. For her personal safety and the crew’s convenience, Alice is invited, during the shoot, to stay in the home of Yoram, the director and Mary, his producer-girlfriend. Alice’s presence exceeds all expectations as she lays out her gloomy life story in front of the cameras. When Mary notices that Yoram gets more then just professionally involved with Alice, she wraps the production as quickly as possible. Alice doesn’t want to go back to the streets, but she doesn’t belong in the ‘decent’ world either. Alice finds herself in a dead end.


Director: Yaki Yosha

Producer: David Shapira

Producer: Itzik Kol

Cast: Anat Atzmon

Cast: Hanna Meron

Cast: Yaki Yosha

Cast: Uri Gavriel

Cast: Yehoram Gaon

Cast: Tikva Dayan

Cast: Eyal Ben Moshe

Writer: Eli Tavor

Writer: Yaki Yosha

Cinematographer: Ilan Rosenberg

Music: Yitzhak Klapter