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Dancing Alfonso

Directed by: Barak Heymann
52 Minutes, 2007

Dancing Alfonso is a pitch-perfect portrait of a vital widower who finds a physical practice that sustains him, and community and creativity in the rhythms and movement of flamenco. Alfonso is a powerful dancer in a troupe of older flamenco dancers; the troupe is serious and is preparing for a performance at the Suzanne Dallal Center in Tel Aviv. After the death of his wife, Alfonso begins to court one of the other dancers, Sima, much to the surprise of his children, who are still mourning the loss of their mother. When things don’t work out with Sima, Alfonso, imbued with an unquenchable life force, starts searching for another woman with whom he can dance and share his life.


Director: Barak Heymann

Producer: Miri Ezra

Cinematographer: Uri Levi

Writer: Barak Heymann