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D for Dimension

60 Minutes, 2011

In the place where movement in space meets movement in the frame, video-dance reflects artistic creation and culture in the digital age.
Which best expresses the spirit of dance? Stage or screen? How do stills photographers, accustomed to “capturing the moment,” set out to create a series of moments along a time line? Does the lack of boundaries create limits or a space to work in? Is video-editing another kind of choreography?
Six films, all influenced by dance pieces, were created as part of the D for Dimension project, in which three schools (the Jump Cut School of Editing and Animation, Masterclass, and the track for training dancers of the Bikurei Ha-Itim Center) joined together to create a contemporary art laboratory. Dancers, photographers, editors, and animators weaved together movement, video, stills, locations, and animation.