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Closed Story

Directed by: Micha Livne
90 Minutes, 2015

Micha, the director and protagonist of this film, is very disturbed by historian Uri Milstein’s upcoming, in-depth investigation into what really happened during the Battle of Sultan Yacoub, during the First Lebanon War. In the name of military camaraderie, he supports Ira, the battalion commander, as he prepares for his interviews with Milstein. After all, Micha was Uri’s second in command. But then the nightmares return, and they are filled with memories he tried to suppress. In conversations with other soldiers who were there, he encounters Zagagi, the chief operations officer, who stuns him by saying, “You abandoned your comrades on the battlefield!” Now Micha must contend with the accusation. Can there really be such a disparity between his persona as a bold, charismatic individual and the facts? As he looks his friends and daughters in the eye, he hopes that they will understand. Most of all, he hopes that thirty years later, he can say that the story of Sultan Yacoub is finally over.


Director: Micha Livne