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Circus Palestina

Directed by: Eyal Halfon
83 Minutes, 1998, Comedy

A dark comedy chronicling the trials and tribulations of a small circus troupe who visit the West Bank. When a lion escapes the camp, an unlikely alliance is forged between Russian lion tamer Mariana (Evgenia Dudina), Israeli Sergeant Bleiberg (Yoram Hatav), and a young Arab boy (Yousef Ibrahim), who join forces in a effort to find the beast before it can injure any unsuspecting townspeople. A charming, subtle, and politically astute comedy with more than enough heart to compensate for its low production values.



Director: Eyal Halfon

Producer: Anat Bikel

Producer: Uri Sabag

Producer: Haim Sharir

Producer: Marek Rozenbaum

Cast: Yoram Hattab

Cast: Jenya Dodina

Cast: Amos Lavi

Written by: Eyal Halfon

Distributor: Paralite Films

Distributor: Transfax Film Productions Ltd

Distributor: IsraeliFilms

Distributor: SISU


"“Circus Palestina” opened the 15th annual Israeli Film Festival in Los Angeles and was repeated to a full house two weeks later. In Israel, “Circus Palestina” won awards for best film, best script, best actor, best supporting actor and best musical score at the equivalent of the Academy Awards."

-Pat & Samir Twair, Washington Report