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Directed by: Aya Somech
60 Minutes, 2010

Maya Linik is 82 years old. She has 5 sons but in her mind, she has no one. Maya used to have 6 sons. her 1st born- Zohar- died in a training accident, during his military service. He was her favorite boy. When they told her he was killed, she didn’t cry. (She’s from Germany, and Germans don’t cry). She sat on the porch and smoked one cigarette after another. That was 40 years ago. In the time that has passed, she filled the house with his photos, and turned it into a mausoleum. Mayas 5 living sons grew up on their own. Today they are men in their late 40’s and 50’s but they still ache for a mothers love. We are told that a mother should love her children equally. This film is about the taboo surrounding motherly love.


Director: Aya Somech

Producer: Yoav Roeh

Producer: Aurit Zamir