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Chronicling a Crisis

Directed by: Amos Kollek
90 Minutes, 2011

Award-winning director Amos Kollek takes a penetrating look in the mirror, at the addiction that is filmmaking, after the failure of his film Happy End. He chronicles his family from 2004 to the present, especially his conflicted relationship with his father, the mythical mayor of Jerusalem. Intertwined with Amos’s story is the story of Robin, a NY prostitute who Amos meets on his quest to fund his next film. Both struggle with their highs and lows trying to find some harmony to help them proceed to the future.


Director: Amos Kollek

Producer: Osnat Shalev

Producer: Amos Kollek

Producer: Michael Tapuach

Producer: Talia Kleinhendler

Editor: Miki Kohn

Editor: Jeff Harkavy