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Catch 73

Directed by: Nurit Kedar

Forty years after the Yom Kippur war, some of those soldiers and officers who experienced the horrors of one of the most horrific wars in Israel, are today influencing our daily aspect of life. Those children of the Yom Kippur war contributed and are still shaping the character of the state of Israel. The series “Catch 73” defines in retrospect the portrait of the warriors known as “the war generation” and through them expose the crack, dramatic change, transformation and fixation which escalated following the Yom Kippur war.


Director: Nurit Kedar

Producer: Nurit Kedar

Producer: Mosh Danon

Writer: Amir Marmor

Writer: Tali Halter-Shenkar

Writer: Nurit Kedar

Writer: Mosh Danon

Writer: Ada Ushpiz

Editor: Tali Halter-Shenkar

Editor: Oron Adar

Editor: Tali Goldenberg

Cinematographer: Avner Shahaf

Cinematographer: Ronen Mayo

Cinematographer: Eldad Rafaeli